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Welcome to Cair Paraval

We are a lvl 39 guild working hard for lvl 40. Are Guild Hall is in New Hala's. We are a new smaller guild that has many kinds of playing style's. From Crafting to Questing and doing group zones. We also like to play all level of the game and and will mentor if need. New players are also welcome along with raid alt's that just need a place to hang out when your not raiding. We are not able to do raids yet and are now working towards building a group for D.O.V. and other higher lever group zone. 

We like to think of are selfs as a fun guild that likes to help each other out when ever we can. There are three leader in are guild that love to play and are on as much as we can be. We use the in game voice a lot so feel free to join us in guild chat. 

Are guild hall is set up for crafting now with all the table's and harvest box. Also have the work order guy we have plan's to get the rush order guy, fuel guy, and the miner at level 40. We also already have the banker, exporter, broker, and guild call. Plus the bell for getting around Norrath.
                                     Music made by Overpower Just some
                                of the stuff i did Before everquest II hope you 
                                like and let me know what think of it in game

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safed note

straboss, May 7, 11 1:32 AM.
After coming back from the resent hack on S.O.E. we would like to offer a Easy way to keep yourself safe.
1st Change your user password.
                2nd Get yourself a prepaid credit card to pay for your
                          online gaming.
This are just some of the step you can take hope this info helps "I my self use this steps"  
We would also like to Welcome you back to the game have fun and play safe.


Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Archana-eq2, Mar 7, 11 10:18 AM.
Hi and Welcome! We are now looking for members any lvl/class/and playing styles.
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